This license type is for academic use only.

It can be used for research and academic teaching only

VLXE Blend comes in just one version: Enterprise.
This version includes everything VLXE | BLEND has to offer.

Licenses are sold as a lease for a number of years.
When the lease expires the software cannot be used without a new license.

The software require Windows 10 or newer plus Excel 2010 or newer.
All prices are for a stand-alone license. The license is locked to the hard drive.

The payment is done using PayPal. Once done you will receive and email from VLXE with the download and install information.
1 Year License
License duration:
One year

Price: 525 €
2 Year License
License duration:
Two years

Price: 1,025 €
3 Year License
License duration:
Three years

Price: 1,500 €
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