3D printed in White Strong & Flexible Designed by VLXE

Complete phase diagram for the system: n-Hexane + Ethylene + HDPE, where HDPE is mono-disperse with molarweight 50,000 g/mol. The solvent ratio is 0.975 n-Hexane and 0.025 Ethylene.

Dimentions are: Temperature (200-800 Kelvin), Pressure (1-260 Bar) and Polymer massfraction (0.00001-0.97 massfraction HDPE).

The model used is PC-SAFT combined with the Pan&Radosz model for the solid phase.

Phase boundarys included: SLE, SLVE, LLE, VLE and VLLE.

Note that the SLVE curve is very hard to see due to the size of the print.
3D printed phase diagram
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